A quick peek into the latest version of the GrowUp Box!

We’re very excited to bring you a visualisation of the new GrowUp Box, designed by our architectural designer, Sam Cox. 

Use the legend below to see the features that we’re designing in to “GrowUp Box 2.0”:

1. 40 vertical growing towers packed with a wide range of plants, producing over 400kg of fresh salad each year.

2. Staircase provides safe access to the greenhouse and has been designed for a school environment.

3. 1500 Litre fish tank provides a comfortable environment for 150 fish.

4. 90% openable greenhouse roof ventilates the structure during hot summer months.

5. 20ft up-cycled shipping container given a new life to securely house the aquaponic growing system.

6. Fully openable front facing doors open the structure up for workshops + events.

If you’re based in the UK and you’re interested in talking to us about buying a GrowUp Box, please contact sam@growup.org.uk for more information about pricing and maintenance packages.