Whether you want to take a virtual tour of The GrowUp Box, or watch our co-founders take their ideas to Climate-KIC, scroll through our video gallery and explore for more GrowUp goodness.

We are very excited about our latest video by Philips Horticulture featuring our beautiful hydroponic area:

Check out our latest video tour of the whole farm by Emily Wither from Reuters TV:

Watch Kate Hofman, GrowUp’s own CEO spread the word about turning waste into taste at the TEDx Hackney event in London.

CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout looks at how GrowUp Urban Farms is using an alternative farming system called aquaponics to provide sustainable food for London.


Have a look at our latest video where co-founder and CEO Kate Hofman talks about GrowUp’s social and environmental impact. You can also get a sneak peak of our GrowUp Greens…


GrowUp co-founder Kate Hofman has been selected as a London Leader 2015. Watch her talk about why London is the perfect place for aquaponic urban farming to take off.


Over the summer of 2014, The GrowUp Box was moved into its new home at RoofEast, Stratford. Watch to see how we got The Box to the top of the car park and what we’ve been up to for the rest of the year.


Watch GrowUp co-founders Kate Hofman and Tom Webster being interviewed by Bloomberg Business after winning the Climate-KIC Award 2014. They talk about the potential of farming using aquaculture in cities and how the award will help the business grow.

Watch the full interview here

Christopher Barnatt from Explaining the Future visits The GrowUp Box and talks about whether aquaponics is the future of farming.


Watch Kate explain aquaponic urban farming in less than the time it takes for an elevator ride.


GrowUp co-founder Kate Hofman interviewed after winning the EIT C.H.A.N.G.E. Award 2013. Watch to find out what her superpower could be.


Take a virtual tour of The GrowUp Box, led by our co-founders Kate and Tom.


A big thank you to our 300+ backers who helped us get started! Here are GrowUp co-founders Tom and Kate in their Kickstarter video for crowdfunding The Box.