Aquaponics Radio Feature by David Gregory

David Gregory, an MSc student studying Science Communication at Imperial College London chose to focus on urban farming as part of his radio module. He interviewed Oscar Davidson, our farm manager to find out the benefits of aquaponics and how the GrowUp Box works.

“According to the newly released Global Sustainable Cities Index, London is lagging behind many other cities in terms of its environmental credentials. The UK capital came 12th in the environment category, behind Paris, Rome and neighbouring Birmingham. So what can be done to make London an environmental, as well as a social and economic, world leader?

One urban farming business, GrowUp, believes it may be part of the answer, and has just received planning permission to build the UK’s first commercial scale aquaponic urban farm. To find out what aquaponics is, and why it might revolutionise the way we feed our cities, we sent our reporter David Gregory to a farm in the most unlikely of places…” 

Happy Listening!

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