Re-discovering Celery

We think that celery is a sadly underrated vegetable, mostly relegated to dipping sticks and Waldorf salad. But celery is so much more than just a crudite and cooking celery makes this often sidelined ingredient take centre stage – not to mention the fact that it’s proven to lower blood pressure and contains antioxidants!

The Guardian: celery’s health benefits

Our Chinese variety has slimmer stems but a stronger flavour which suits us perfectly as the herbs and salads that we grow in the GrowUp Box pack more of a punch. Chinese celery is a fairly cold hardy plant with requires fertile soil and has a growing season from July to September – but with our aquaponics system, the conditions in the Box mean we can grow it all year round! So you can enjoy delicious, healthy recipes no matter the month. Here are our top 6 ways to cook with celery:

1) Stir-Frys are healthy, quick and easy to make. They can be as complicated or as simple as you like, but always taste great! And celery goes with pretty much anything, so experiment with your veg choices.

sezchuan-beef-stir-fry-4 Credit:

 2) Or how about a more British classic using our Oriental greens? Celery, bacon and apple are simmered together with onion, parsley and stock to make a perfect accompaniment to duck or chicken.


3) Don’t waste those leaves! It’s not just the stem that tastes great. Check out Jamie Oliver’s steamed aubergine dish which uses them for a herby, spicy dressing.


4) Celery braised really brings out its flavour. Simply cook in butter until it becomes tender and then add broth, simmer and season.

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5) Celery even goes with cheese! Combine celery, blue cheese, walnuts and parsley to perfectly compliment one of our mixed salad bags.

recipe-image-legacy-id--433463_12Credit: BBC GoodFood

6) Finally, celery is even good in a cocktail! Combine a stick of celery with chopped coriander and muddle with vodka, lime juice and some sugar syrup.


For all these recipes and more, head to our Pinterest page to be inspired by celery.