February 2015 RoundUp

3We had an amazing time at the London South Bank University for their ‘Go Green Week’. It was a week full of sustainability-related events and activities. The GrowUp team held a ‘Microgreen Planting Workshop’ where we taught LSBU students and staff how to plant their very own microgreens and take them home with them!!
1We have a new addition to our demonstration system, a Danish trolley. We find it’s a very useful tool to showcase the germination stage where the seeds sprout into little seedlings. We also use it to grow microgreens and babyleaf salad where we witness the growth of the plant’s first five true leaves.
8It was about that time! Time to introduce a new batch of parasitic wasps into the greenhouse of the GrowUp Box. This forms part of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system where these wasps will keep the aphid population to a minimum inside the Box in order to protect our gorgeous leafy greens!
4We were asked to showcase some GrowUp Greens at this year’s Sustainable Restaurant Awards. Oscar was interviewed by food columnist Bee Wilson from The Telegraph who loved the taste of our produce and just had to include us in her article on sustainable restaurants. Tom was also asked to write a piece on the SRA’s Future of Food blog where he talks about the social, environmental and commercial benefits of urban agriculture.