GrowUp Box


The GrowUp Box is an up-cycled shipping container with a greenhouse on top which is a highly productive demonstration of aquaponic urban agriculture.

Are you working with communities in London and looking for a community engagement project with a difference?

The GrowUp team can help you to design and build an aquaponics growing system that is easy to maintain, exciting to farm and grows food that is delicious to eat.

Working in partnership, we can support your organisation in inspiring the local community about sustainable food production. This could include outreach work with local residents and school children during workshops and public open days, supporting skilled employment and providing local cafes, restaurants and charities with fresh produce.

Please contact to find out more.

Take a virtual tour of the GrowUp Box by watching our video.

In the shipping container, we farm tilapia. Tilapia is an omnivorous white fish which taste great. We farm the tilapia at the right stocking density so they have enough room and are in a comfortable sized shoal that means their stress levels are kept low and we can ensure that we are producing the best tasting fish.

Inside the greenhouse, using vertical growing techniques, we can grow 400 salads and herbs at any one time as well as producing delicious microgreens. During the summer we were harvesting an average of 8kg of salad from the box on a weekly basis and selling it to local restaurants.

Info boards 1500 x 1050

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Building The Box

Over the summer of 2014, The GrowUp Box was moved into its new home at RoofEast, Stratford. Watch to see how we got The Box to the top of the car park and what we’ve been up to for the rest of the year.


As we grow, we’re excited about the idea of GrowUp Boxes popping up all over the world – at this point in time, as we’re a young start-up, we are only able to deliver projects inside the UK.

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