Introducing the Interns!

There are a couple of new faces around the GrowUp office, but rather than tell you about it ourselves, we’ve handed over the blog to them!

First up is Sophia – she’s a recent university graduate and she’s joined us for a 3 month business administration internship

With a background in Biology, my main area of interest is sustainability and particularly how it can be achieved in cities. When I discovered GrowUp Urban Farms and met the rest of the team, when they offered me an internship, the decision to work for them was a no brainer.

After taking on the role of intern, two things were certain, I would get first-hand experience on how a business is run as well as helping out with the activities at The GrowUp Box. This includes learning lots about the inner workings of aquaponics and vertical farming. The role has not disappointed!

From organising events to organising the office furniture, and from water testing to sourcing supplies, I’ve had the chance to engage in multiple aspects of the business, both in the office completing day to day administration duties and helping out at The GrowUp Box.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with the rest of the GrowUp team and I’m continuing to gain a valuable insight into the urban farming industry and the use of aquaponics. My role helps me to develop a deeper understanding of what sustainability means to a business and how it can be achieved, as well as continuing my quest to see if the plants at The GrowUp Box prefer growing up to cool jazz or jazz funk music (the jury is still out on this one).