January 2015 RoundUp

Tim Smedley of the Guardian Sustainable Business 1interviewed co-founder Kate Hofman about her recent participation in the London Leader’s 2015 programme. The article ‘From urban aquaponics to fruit jerky: meet London’s green entrepreneurs’ showcases the innovative projects each London Leader is currently working on. If you are wondering what Tim is eating, it’s some of our freshly harvested mustard greens –YUM!


Climate-KIC asked our opinion about a good place to have a staff dinner – we obviously suggested one of our own customers – the Printhouse Bar & Kitchen in Stratford. We supplied them with three types of Kale, two types of Mustard and Parsley.


Sixth form students from Bellerbys College London together with their Economics and Business Studies teacher, Paul Gardescu paid us a visit to the Box on the 23rd January 2015. The students are currently enrolled on an Enrichment course focused on Global Economics and their dedicated teacher thought it wise to show his students that different solutions are possible in creating a brighter future.


Meet Oscar Davidson – our very own aquaponics technician, whose second home has been the GrowUp Box for almost a year now.

He always seems to form a personal connection with every seed he plants and watches it grow into a beautiful herb, microgreen or leafy salad.

He prides himself in knowing every inch of our 14m2 shipping container. Here he is saying farewell to some lovely Chinese celery for Rosa’s Thai Café in Spitalfields, which he personally grew himself.