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London Leaves Winners!!

The Urban Food Awards ran for a 3rd year running to celebrate the most delicious and best quality food and drink produced in London by small businesses.

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Urban Growth

I was playing an evening game of Trivial Pursuit (GrowUp? You’re never too old for board games!) when I was struck by a question that came up. It read: “What material, normally present in agriculture, is not used when plants are produced hydroponically?”. Soil! As well as being chuffed to …

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There’s something in the water

When human beings first settled down to agriculture and changed their method of securing food from hunter gatherers to farmers, water was one constant need. As early as 6000 years ago, humans such as the Sumerians devised vast and intricate systems to irrigate their land and provide the much needed …

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Trials, no tribulations, simply great results

    As we’ve been building the farm, we have also been trialling and testing the produce that we will be growing on it for our customers. The GrowUp Box was in many senses our first testing station, allowing us, through trial, error and persistence, to gauge how aquaponically grown …

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So what is HVAC?

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Although aquaponic farming is based primarily on the flow of water, these three operations are vital to the successful circuit of our system, especially as we are growing inside a warehouse. Much like the balance of fish food to plant uptake of nutrients, these factors …

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Let there be light!

We have now completed the next stage of the build: installing the LED lights which will enable our herbs and salads to grow as if they were being fuelled by natural sunlight. In Unit 84 we are using Philip’s GreenPower production module LEDs. Philips have substantial experience in horticultural lighting, …

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