Our Business Values

GrowUp is a values driven company – these values are at the core of what we do and steer the decisions we make as a business. We thought we’d share them so you can understand a bit more about what we do:

  • We care about People, Profit and the Planet;
  • We believe we can Do Good and Make Money;
  • We search for the best environmental solution available at the time – and then revisit those decisions regularly to see if a better option is available;
  • We think learning about and eating good food is something everyone should get the chance to do;
  • We should be producing food in cities at a commercial-scale in an ecologically sustainable way;
  • We can improve the level of food knowledge, education and enthusiasm in cities;
  • We should reduce the environmental impact of food production for cities;
  • Our systems and processes can lead innovation in urban food production.

Click here to see our Environmental Policy.


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