Our Story


GrowUp was founded in 2013 by Kate Hofman and Tom Webster to build sustainable commercial urban farms growing food for local markets. With lots of online talk about aquaponics and urban farming, Kate and Tom wanted to get growing! They decided they needed a demonstration farm – and designed and built The GrowUp Box.

Built in 2013 with the help of 300+ supporters and a successful Kickstarter campaign, The GrowUp Box is a small-scale agricultural production unit as well as a space for events and community engagement.


DSC_0214_Credit_Mandy Zammit


Having spent the last year producing small quantities of delicious herbs, salads, microgreens and tilapia, supplying to local restaurants and establishing a strong network of advisors, partners and customers, GrowUp has now developed London’s first commercial aquaponic farm.



DSC_0006_Credit_Mandy Zammit

Over the past 8 months of successfully opening Unit 84, not only have we seen an expansion in the size of our 4800 fish, we have also seen an expansion in our team. Starting with just 4 employees, GrowUp now has 12 colleagues. Our aquaculture room has enough space for 400 fish per tank and we have 12 tanks along with over 10 different types of produce in our hydroponics room.

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