We could talk until the fish come home about how great our food tastes and why aquaponics has to be part of the future of food… but we think its much more effective to let other people say it instead.

You can have a look at our Pinterest page for a list of blogs and articles that have featured GrowUp. . .

. . . and read some quotes from some of our customers below:

RobRob Green

Director, Elliot’s Café, Borough Market and Pavilion Café, Victoria Park

“We have been working with Tom from GrowUp over the past year, with fantastic results. I feel the venture is hugely beneficial at bridging the sustainable growing gap that is apparent in London: offering restaurants high quality locally grown greens with little environmental impact. If the company was successful in opening a larger scale farm I think it would be a great success filling a niche which is bound to grow.”

RobArthur Potts Dawson

Founder, Peoples Supermarket and Riverhouse; Head Chef, Mrs Paisleys Lashings; Sustainability advisor, Jamie Oliver Group

“In our quest for excellence in food growing in an urban setting, GrowUp were my first choice. Having visited and discussed the produce required for our charity pop-up (Mrs Paisleys Lashings), the salads delivered were amazing. Super fresh, really tasty and very good value, I’m definitely choosing GrowUp for all future salad purchasing.”

At Rosa's Thai Cafe with some of our giant pak choi

Rosa’s Thai Cafe


“We are so excited to be working with Grow Up Urban Farms. They deliver beautiful, sustainable and exotic produce to our door that is otherwise hard to source locally, especially some of the more unusual ingredients that you find in a Thai restaurant. The quality is fantastic and better than our previous suppliers. Grow Up are a lovely team to work with and we are looking forward to even more exciting opportunities with them in the future.”

The Print House BarRyan Hoy

Head Chef, The Print House Bar

“Grow up are delivering greens with as much punch and intensity of flavour as I’ve tasted from any rural farm. There’s also a consistency in the product that I know I can rely on.”

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