The GrowUp Team

Kate Hofman

CEO and Co-Founder

Kate always wanted to run a business that improved the world. She fell in love with the idea of aquaponics as a sustainable way of commercially growing food for London, the city she grew up in and has lived in all her life. She left her job as a management consultant at the start of 2013 to found GrowUp, London’s first commercial aquaponics urban farming business. She thinks that innovation and sustainability are at the core of the best businesses and when she makes her first million she’s planning on buying a power drill.KH_email

Tom Webster

COO and Co-Founder

In his previous life, Tom was sat in an office wishing he had a job that didn’t involve making excuses for businesses who weren’t taking their environmental commitments seriously. Tom loves everything about food. A passion for cooking and eating led Tom on a journey to found GrowUp and start to grow the best quality and freshest produce in a way that is environmentally sustainable and can be done anywhere in the city. As an aquaponic urban farmer he no longer sits behind a desk, and instead spends most of his time in a greenhouse or talking to fish.TW_email

Oscar Davidson

Farm Manager

Oscar set up his own landscape gardening business when he finished university and went on to work as an Environmental Consultant. Helping on the family allotment from a young age, Oscar has always enjoyed growing food (and then eating it). When he heard about GrowUp Urban Farms, he was instantly drawn to the idea and keen to learn more about how aquaponics could deliver fresh produce to the people of London. Last year he volunteered at the GrowUp Box, working with Tom on the day-to-day jobs maintaining the farm. In April 2014 Oscar said goodbye to his office job to join the GrowUp team as an Aquaponics Technician and now has his hands full as our new Farm Manager at Unit 84.OD_email

Sam Cox

Architectural Designer

Sam started working with Tom and Kate on the design of the GrowUp Box in 2013. He has worked in architect’s offices within the UK and India and has always been interested in the symbiotic relationship between nature and society. When not working towards creating more aquaponic growing spaces in London he can often be found floating around the canals on his narrowboat.

Andrew Hodson

Finance and Business Development Advisor 

Andrew joined GrowUp in early 2014, having mentored the founding team as part of the Barclays Social Enterprise Launchpad programme from May 2013. He left Barclays as a Managing Director in February to actively invest in a small number of start-ups and early stage businesses. Andrew’s career spans accountancy, asset management, investment banking and private banking where he focused on advising successful entrepreneurs. He has lived in the Far East, Africa and the Middle East, and now lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and two children. He works with GrowUp on business development and finance.

Andrew Worrall

Farm Assistant

Andrew has always been interested in food and animals ever since he was a young lad. So much so, that his home is full of different kinds of animals. His passion for animals really began when he was 16 and started volunteering as a farmer on a local city farm. When Andrew discovered GrowUp, he was convinced that he had to work with us!  He is excited to learn about growing fresh food and wants to understand the different ways in which people can grow food. Andrew is so happy to be part of something that actually has the potential to make a real difference in the world.

Luke Gray

Farm Assistant

From a very young age, Luke has always wanted to work with animals. He has a real passion for food and is very environmentally conscious. Before GrowUp, Luke worked in the Health and Social Care sector for around  four years. Caring for people and animals is a very big part of Luke’s life. In fact, he has owned a few tropical fish in his time and loved looking after them. Luke is so excited to be able to work with fish on a daily basis on the farm. He can’t wait to become an expert in Tilapia and is so happy to be part of the GrowUp team.

Mike Young

Farm Assistant

Sam Taylor

Farm Assistant

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