The racking is up

Up, up, up and away!


The Farm is starting to take shape. We are transforming our empty warehouse in Beckton and it’s starting to look like an urban farm as the racking that will hold the growing beds has been installed and delivered.



Industrial racking is used in warehouses and storage spaces all over the world – our racking frame is made from 1300 component parts and can hold over 7000 kilos! A necessity to hold all that salad, as we hope to be producing around 60kg a day (that’s 20,000 kg a year!). 4 rows and 10 levels of shelving tower 6m into the air with 80 growing benches altogether.


You may have seen, or been to visit, our demonstration system – the GrowUp Box, and we’re often asked how the farm will be different. Firstly, unlike in the Box, on the farm we won’t have the hydroponics system on top of the fish tanks – the aquaculture area is totally separate to the hydroponic growing area, and the growing beds are horizontally stacked on top of each other. We’ll still be growing delicious herbs and greens in a sustainable way using aquaponics, but on a much larger scale allowing us to sell to more customers and produce more food all year round.
racking Collage