What We Produce


Pea Shoots

Pea Shoots are the young leaves of a pea plant. This freshly harvested salad leaf is jam-packed with Vitamins A, C and folic acid. They are extremely nutritious and have a delicious garden pea flavour. They are quick and easy to prepare and unbelievably good for you, the perfect combination of healthy and tasty.

Pea Shoots are versatile and can can be incorporated into many dishes, whether they are chopped into marinades, wilted into pasta, baked with meat or fish, stir-fried or eaten just as they are in a healthy salad – they go great with everything!

Kale Mix

Because we harvest our kale when it is only a few weeks old GrowUp’s Kale Mix is much more tender than you would normally expect, making it really versatile and accessible whilst still being super nutritious. Our Kale mix is perfect for a winter salad, wilted down in a frying pan as a side to a delicious roast, or thrown in a blender to make a smoothie.


Our baby watercress has a delicious peppery punch to it without any bitterness. Perfect as the base for a mixed salad or as a side for meat or fish.


Thai Basil

Our Thai Basil is both sweet and spicy with a slight hint of licorice which is very different to the typical sweet basil. So, if you are looking to spice up an Asian dish, try adding some Thai basil leaves. Why not try making a bowl of traditional Vietnamese soup,  phở and serving with a bowl of Thai basil leaves for an aniseed taste? We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Holy Basil

Our Holy Basil boasts a distinct peppery taste which makes it perfect when you want to ramp the heat up in any soup or stir-fry. Holy Basil is not only known as a great staple herb in the kitchen but also serves as a healing plant to counteract the stresses of life.

Nufar Basil

We like to refer to our Nufar Basil as Big Leaf Basil due to its characteristic massive leaves. This type of basil is a variety of Sweet Basil and besides being sweet also has a peppery yet minty flavour. Nufar Basil is a must-have in any kitchen due to its great flavour and versatility. We absolutely adore the pesto that we get from using Nufar Basil.


Spicy Mixed Micro Radish

Harvested once the first leaves are fully formed, microgreens are full of flavour and packed with nutrients. GrowUp’s Spicy Mixed Micro Radish is full of colour with a mix of pink stems, and green and red leaves. But don’t just buy it because it looks pretty, these colourful leaves are also full of wonderful, fresh radish flavour!

Micro Coriander

Our Micro Coriander is packed full of flavour! It has a distinct aromatic flavour which goes great with many Asian dishes such as curries and sashimi as well as Mexican food. This microgreen herb not only packs a punch but looks great too!

Sunflower Shoots

You may have noticed Sunflower Shoots sprouting  around farmer’s markets more and more lately – this is because these raw shoots are super DELICIOUS! They are packed with vital enzymes, nutrients and antioxidants to keep us growing strong. These microgreens are tender and have a refreshing crunch to them with subtle lemon flavour. These make a great raw snack with a drizzle of lemon, olive oil, salt and some parmesan shavings, or as tasty addition to any salad.

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